Fifty years ago, Russian boar were introduced into Choctaw County and quickly became a nuisance. They are prolific reproducers and can do tremendous damage to row crops and pine plantations. Our swamp land along with a majority of our 16,000 acres contains an abundance of hogs and allows a hunter to harvest as many as they can kill. We do not have a limit of the number of hogs that may be killed on your hunt.

Hogs can be hunted year round; however the end of February until the first part of April is an ideal time in which to hunt. The weather is still cool and the mosquitoes are still manageable. With a conservation damage permit, we are allowed to hunt hogs at night which is when they are active during the summer months.

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Located just off Alabama Highway 10 and only minutes away from nearby Meridian, MS, Pushmataha Plantation not only offers avid hunters a chance to fulfill their dreams of that special kill but also provides ample space for corporate retreats, luncheons, and small, private events.