Hunting over 16,000 acres of land encompassing the Tombigbee River swamp, the hills of Naheola, and the ridges of Mississippi, Pushmataha offers hunters the opportunity to harvest a fair chase whitetail deer. The land is intensely managed to maximize deer density and physical conditioning while improving antler development in programs suggested by consulting biologists. Our deer season opens on October 15 (archery antlered buck only), October 25 (archery either sex), November 14 – 18 (muzzleloader) and November 19 (stalk hunting) and the season ends on February 10 for all types of weapons. Alabama also offers a youth weekend November 11 – 13 in which we participate.

Morning hunts utilize tripods and ladder stands while in the afternoon hunters will hunt one of the green fields from an enclosed box. The stands are placed in hardwood bottoms, power lines, clear cuts, food plots and other areas used frequently by game.

Our land has been divided into two types of hunting – trophy and semi-trophy. We do not charge a trophy fee for a trophy buck harvested during your hunt and our over 200 fields and stands are rotated to keep hunting pressure to a minimum and maximize your success rate.

For more information, or to book your hunt, please contact us today.

Located just off Alabama Highway 10 and only minutes away from nearby Meridian, MS, Pushmataha Plantation not only offers avid hunters a chance to fulfill their dreams of that special kill but also provides ample space for corporate retreats, luncheons, and small, private events.